SiQreg Spin FAQ

Q: Is SiQreg Spin allowed by PokerStars?

A: Yes! SiQreg Spin has been officially approved by PokerStars for use.

Q: Does SiQreg Spin work with my regional PokerStars client?

A: Yes. SiQreg Spin works with all PokerStars clients.

Q: Can I use SiQreg Spin with more than one PokerStars region at a time?

A: Yes. You can run multiple instances of SiQreg Spin (each in it's own folder). Keep in mind that your license is tied to your Stars username.

Q: I'm getting an error message:

A: Read about specific error messages here.

Q: I would like to upgrade / downgrade / cancel my subscription. How can I do this?

A: Simply send an email to with your subscription info / PokerStars username and detail what changes you would like to make. Be sure to include specifics about what level and which monthly plans you want. Changes will generally take effect between a few minutes to a few hours.

Q: There is a PokerStars update. Will SiQreg Spin still work?

A: Very few updates should cause issues for SiQreg Spin, and any problems are usually resolved very quickly. If you do update PokerStars and SiQreg Spin stops working you can revert your copy of PokerStars by following this guide

Q: How do I pick the buy-ins I want to play?

A: You should choose the buy-ins you want to play inside the PokerStars Lobby.

Q: I think I've found a bug, how can I report it?

A: Send a detailed email to reporting exactly what happened. Be sure to include the error.txt log file (located at your SiQreg Spin folder inside of the "logs" subfolder).