Error Messages and Their Causes

Error: "Could not detect an open PokerStars Lobby..."

Cause: SiQreg Spin was unable to detect an open PokerStars Lobby. Make sure that the address you specified in your 'settings.ini' file (located in the SiQreg Spin directory) is the correct address for your version of PokerStars and that you have the PokerStars client currently open.

Error: "Could not detect your PokerStars username..."

Cause: Your PokerStars username is not visible in the PokerStars lobby (next to the cashier button) or you are not on the PokerStars Lobby Spin & Go tab.

Error: "Unable to connect to the server"

Cause: SiQreg Spin uses multiple servers to ensure that users do not experience downtime. It is possible that more than one of our servers have failed. You may also want to check your internet connection settings, firewalls, etc. to make sure that the connection to SiQsoft servers isn't being blocked.

Error: "There needs to be an active session to add a new game."

Cause: You are pressing the 'register new game' hotkey but you don't have an active SiQreg Spin session running (or it is paused).

Error: "Can't find the register button..."

Cause: Usually this issue occurs if you navigate away from the PokerStars Spin & Go lobby while a session is active. If you get this message while you are on the Spin & Go lobby send message to

Error: "It seems that you are away from your computer..."

Cause: SiQreg Spin has a saftey feature to protect you from having your session continue registering games if you haven't moved your mouse or keyboard in some number of minutes. If you are getting this error but you have moved your mouse/keyboard in that amount of time it is likely that your mouse or keyboard's drivers need to be updated to better communicate with your operating system. If this doesn't work you can also set the AFK value (in SiQreg Spin > Settings) to a higher value. Typically 2 [minutes] is enough to offset the issue. Change this value with caution.

Error: "This game is above your max buyin ..."

Cause: SiQreg Spin believes this game is above your max buyin. Your max buyin is determined by which version of SiQreg Spin you have. If you believe you are getting this error by mistake - send an email to

Error: "This version is no longer supported"

Cause: Rarely, SiQreg Spin makes an update that requires users to manually download a new updater file. You can find this updater file in

Error: "Critical Update:..."

Cause: Any time there needs to be a very critical and immediate update (for example if PokerStars made a big change that broke any of the safety measures of SiQreg Spin). In order to protect users SiQreg Spin will issue a Critical Update status which will prevent the software from being accessible to users until a fix has been made.